FaceBuilder for Nuke

FaceBuilder node for Nuke can help with building 3D models of human faces and heads based on a few photos. With FaceBuilder you don't need to be an experienced 3D modeller to create a quality 3D model with clean topology. You start with getting a few photos with neutral face expression from different angles and then place a model on each of them to build a head or face model. The resulting model can be used for rigid tracking with GeoTracker or for tracking of facial gestures with FaceTracker. You can also export the model from Nuke for further modifications in any other 3D software.

Download all the scripts and assets used in this demo from our examples page.

Model based on a single frame

In some cases all you have is a footage you have to work with and you can't get photos of actor's neutral face. Even in this case you still can use FaceBuilder to create an accurate model. You'll be surprised with the results!

All races and all ages

FaceBuilder is built to support the workflow with people of any race and any age we have here on Earth!

Configurable model

FaceBuilder can export only the parts of the head you really need.

FaceBuilder FAQ

Is there a quick tutorial for FaceBuilder?

Yes, it's waiting for you in our Medium blog

Are there any examples to play with?

Sure! They're on our examples page.

Can I use FaceBuilder with a video as a source?

Yes, you can build a model using a video instead of a sequence of photos. Actually, there is no difference between the two ways.

What actually happens when I change a pin’s position?

Using all the pins from all the keyframes FaceBuilder recalculates the resulting model's shape and model's position in each keyframe.

Can I use FaceBuilder with a set of photos with different resolutions?

Unfortunately, no. All the photos should have the same resolution. But we might change it in future releases.

Can I use FaceBuilder with images taken with different Focal Length?

Unfortunately, it's not possible now.

I have a license for FaceBuilder in Nuke, would I need another license for another host?

No, licenses for our plugins are host-independent.

I have a license for FaceTracker, do I need a license for FaceBuilder?

Yes, our plugins licenses are independent.

Can I use my own custom head model?

No, it's not possible now, but we have it in our plans.

Can I save (export) the model as a file?

Yes, using Nuke's built-in WriteGeo node.