Create MetaHumans from Photos

Unlock a new level of likeness with the powerful combination of FaceBuilder for Blender and Mesh to MetaHuman. Quickly build your own MetaHuman based on the appearance of a real person with just a few photos. Use export to MH texture synced with the MetaHuman layout to transfer distinctive features like birthmarks and scars from images to your MetaHuman!

Yourself to MetaHuman in 5 Quick Steps

Take 4-8 photos and load them in FaceBuilder for Blender

Build a 3D head. Generate the special ‘MH texture’ compatible with MetaHuman topology

Align your 3D head with MetaHuman topology in Mesh To MetaHuman

Customise your model in MetaHuman Creator

Apply MH texture exported from FaceBuilder

How to start

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What are the system requirements for this workflow?

— FaceBuilder for Blender: you need to have an official 64bit version of Blender (2.80 and newer) downloaded from, a decent GPU that can handle 3D mode in Blender. FaceBuilder runs only on 64-bit Windows, Linux or macOS.

— MetaHuman, check this page.

What about the licensing?

— FaceBuilder is a paid add-on with a 15-day free trial for all new users. Check out the licensing options. For MetaHuman plug-ins, check out their licensing agreement here.

Which FaceBuilder version is compatible with MetaHuman?

— All FaceBuilder versions starting from 2022.2 support MH UV-mapping.

I found a bug. How can I report it?

— Feel free to contact us via