KeenTools ReadRiggedGeofree

ReadRiggedGeo is a Nuke node for loading skeleton-based deformable models and manipulating skeletal animation. It allows to animate rigged geometry and load bone-based animations. The geometry is fully integrated with Nuke. That means it can be used with default Nuke nodes such as TransformGeo, Normals, ApplyMaterial, ScanlineRender and others.

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Working with rigged geometry

geotracker node setup
object tracking

The main goal of ReadRiggedGeo node is to integrate rigged geometry into Nuke. With ReadRiggedGeo you may load, modify and transform a rigged geometry using default Nuke nodes as simple as you do with rigid geometry and ReadGeo.

Bone transformations

geotracker node setup
object tracking

ReadRiggedGeo loads and stores bone transformations in a table. The node allows to modify, animate, link the transformations as well as to set expressions for them. ReadRiggedGeo deforms the geometry according to this transformations in each frame. It’s also possible to load a bone-based animation.

Bone manipulation in 3D-viewer

geotracker node setup

In addition to modifying bone transformations right in the transformations table it is possible to modify them in viewer using Nuke’s Axis tool.

Nuke Indie support

All our nodes including FaceBuilder are available in Nuke Indie. You need to install the 12.2v4 version of Nuke and 2020.1 version of KeenTools package or newer. There are no functional limitations compared to the standard Nuke.

ReadRiggedGeo FAQ

Why doesn’t ReadRiggedGeo load some bones/nodes/e.t.c from my file?

ReadRiggedGeo’s goal is to introduce deformable geometry to Nuke so that the geometry can be deformed and animated. ReadRiggedGeo doesn’t imply making a fully functional 3D Creation Software from Nuke.

Can I export rigged geometry from Nuke?

Currently it is not possible to export rigged geometry otherwise than as a sequence of rigid geometries or as an FBX with animated points.

What formats does ReadRiggedGeo support?

ReadRiggedGeo supports a lot of geometry formats. FBX and Collada formats may be used to load rigged geometry when many others may be loaded with ReadRiggedGeo when ReadGeo in not enough. For example: Autodesk (.fbx), Collada (.dae), Blender 3D (.blend), 3ds Max 3DS (.3ds), Wavefront Object (.obj), Stanford Polygon Library (.ply), and some others...

Can I use ReadRiggedGeo in Nuke Indie?

Yes! You will need Nuke 12.2v4 or newer.