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FaceBuilder node for Nuke can help with building 3D models of human faces and heads based on a few photos. With FaceBuilder you don't need to be an experienced 3D modeller to create a quality 3D model with clean topology. You start with getting a few photos with neutral face expression from different angles and then place a model on each of them to build a head or face model. The resulting model can be used for rigid tracking with GeoTracker or for tracking of facial gestures with FaceTracker. You can also export the model from Nuke for further modifications in any other 3D software.

Nuke Indie support

KeenTools FaceBuilder is available in Nuke Indie

Good news! All our nodes including FaceBuilder are finally available in Nuke Indie. You'd need to install the 12.2v4 version of Nuke and 2020.1 version of KeenTools package or newer. There are no functional limitations compared to the standard Nuke.

Works even with a single photo

The more photos you have, the better quality you can get. But sometimes all you have is just one photo or a frame from a footage and you still need to get your job done. So, we’ve got you covered — you’ll be surprised where just one image can get you!

Three built-in topologies

Whether you need a hi-poly model to shape as many facial features as possible, or a low-poly model to integrate it into some real-time workflows, we've got you covered! FaceBuilder has low-poly, mid-poly and high-poly topologies that you can switch on the fly!

Focal length estimation

While we recommend setting up camera settings manually to achieve maximum preciseness, we know it's not always possible. For such cases you can use "Single Focal Length" and "Varying Focal Length" estimation modes. The first one works when you know the reference photos were taken with one camera and same focal length. The second one can help if you're not sure it was a single camera or there was a zoom-lens.

AI-powered automatic face alignment

You don't need to manually pin faces anymore! At least, not from the scratch. Our face alignment is not yet always 100% accurate, so it requires some manual adjustments sometimes, but it radically reduces the time of shaping the models. So much, we’ve actually stopped doing this manually in our team while testing and we don’t want to go back!

Facial expressions support

If you’re after the ultimate quality and preciseness — you need photos with neutral facial expression, but no worries if you can’t get them — now FaceBuilder supports facial expressions of FaceTracker, thus you can still get decent results even with non-neutral photos!

Total diversity

Our evergrowing statistical model already has data for humans of widest age range from the most places on Earth, so you shouldn’t face any problems modelling people from any part of the world!

Configurable model

You can switch on and off different parts of the 3D model customising it to your needs. The shape is not being affected, so if you decide to switch something back when the model is ready — it won’t break anything!

Mixed picture format

You can use photos with different aspect ratios in the reference sequence. If you know camera settings for every photo in the sequence — you can set up keyframes in the connected camera node. If you don't know the camera settings — just turn on "Varying Focal Length" in FaceBuilder settings, the focal length will be estimated for each photo in the sequence.

Choose a FaceBuilder plan

Freelancer Monthly

— A node-locked plan that can be used only on the machine where it was activated

— Can be purchased by an individual only, can be used for commercial work


Charged monthly

Freelancer Annual

— A node-locked plan that can be used only on the machine where it was activated

— Can be purchased by an individual only, can be used for commercial work


Pay annually — save $37/year

Studio Annual

— A plan that can be shared by unlimited number of machines: one key for one machine at a time

— Works with License Server

— Can be purchased by a company or an individual


Charged annually

For enterprise pricing, please get in touch!

Freelancer Monthly and Freelancer Annual plans are not intended for companies. If purchased by a company, the subscription will be consequently cancelled. If you need help with choosing your plan, please contact our support.

All subscriptions can be used for commercial work.

All results of your work with our products belong to you.

Help resources

The comprehensive written guide can be found on our Medium page.

While we're working on video-tutorials, you can watch the recorded live-stream, where we talk about FaceBuilder with Hugo Guerra.

For assets and Nuke script examples you can visit our examples page.

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