GeoTracker for Blender

Professional object tracking for your favourite Blender
• Geometry-based object and camera tracking
• 3D object and camera alignment
• Video-based texturing

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Geometry-based tracking
Use 3D models to recreate object movement from live-action video

Intuitive workflow
Put the model in place with a few clicks

Precision under control
Create keyframes and refine tracking to achieve accurate results

2D masks
Get obstacles out of the way with
2D Composite masks

3D surface masks
Exclude unneeded parts from tracking

Focal length estimation
Get precise tracking even when camera parameters are unknown

Zoom shot tracking
Track focal length change automatically

Ready for pipelines
Export your tracking results outside Blender in any animation supporting format

Track FaceBuilder heads
Create custom heads in FaceBuilder and track them with GeoTracker

Built-in texturing
Project and bake texture from video onto your 3D model

System Requirements

— Official 64bit version of Blender (2.80 and newer) downloaded from

— A decent GPU that can handle 3D mode in Blender

— 64bit version of Windows, Linux or macOS (Intel or Apple Silicon)

Help resources

— The written guide can be found on our Medium page

— For assets and project examples, you can visit our examples page

Video tutorials

Frequently Asked Questions