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GeoTracker is a plugin that brings 3D-object tracking to Adobe After Effects.

Match-moving tasks are done with a snap with GeoTracker — what usually requires a team of motion tracking specialists can be done by a VFX artist with no tracking skills and with less time spent. Now this technology is available for users of After Effects, so they can use object tracking to reach the new level of motion graphics and design.


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Intuitive model manipulation

Our pin-based approach helps you to keep your model under precise control while placing and moving it in 3D space naturally and effortlessly. All that in the standard 2D viewport without additional windows or gizmos.

Focal length estimation and tracking

Obviously, you need to know exact camera settings for precise tracking. But no worries if you don't! We understand it happens often in post, so we added reliable focal length estimation to GeoTracker. More than that, GeoTracker can estimate focal length during tracking too, so you can track objects in footage where focal length is constantly changing (i.e. zoom lens is used).

Defiant of occlusions

Occlusions are among the main issues that mess up 3D tracking. GeoTracker can deal with them so well, most of the time you won't need to even think about them, forget adjusting and fixing tracking. But for some very advanced cases, we added support for 2D masks, so you can exclude problematic areas from tracking.

Built-in geometry primitives

3D object tracking requires 3D models, but what if you need to track something of a simple geometric shape, like a can or a phone screen? You can simply use one of the four built-in primitives: plane — for screens, walls and any flat surfaces; sphere — for balls, heads and other spherical objects; cube — for vehicles, boxes, buildings, etc; and cylinder — for bottles, rockets, cups and so on.

Feels like built-in

We all know that the world of 3D software is so diverse, it's uncomfortable to even think of adopting new software. With this in mind, we strive to provide the most intuitive and native experience to our users — you won't need to learn another interface and memorise new fantastic button names and where to find them. We've designed GeoTracker in a way it looks, feels and works like if it was the best built-in tool of After Effects that existed from the very beginning and still is its main selling point.

System Requirements

— Adobe After Effects version 17.0 (2020) or newer

— 64bit version of Windows or macOS (Intel or Apple Silicon)

Help resources

The written guide can be found on our Medium page.

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For assets and project examples, you can visit our examples page.

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