KeenTools License Server

KeenTools License Server is a command line utility for Linux, Mac OS and Windows which is designed to host floating licenses in studios' private networks. The guide can be found here.


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License Server FAQ

Is the Internet connection required?

No. You can activate licenses manually from another computer with internet access using Manual Installation page. The Hardware ID can be found if you launch the License Server with the "run" command.

Where exactly License Server is trying to connect and why?

Host:, port: 443. It happens when a license is being installed and when a running instance of License Server is checking installed licenses from time to time.

Can I use environment variables to automatically setup license settings in plugins?

Definitely! When our plugins are loaded they check KEENTOOLS_LICENSE_SERVER variable, and if it contains a string with a host address and/or a port number, they try to connect using it and get a license. Here are some examples of what this variable could contain: localhost (the default port will be used),, server.local:4242,

My licenses get skipped, not loaded

This may happen with licenses of a wrong type. Only floating licenses work with License Server.

Users can't connect to the license server

Check there are no firewalls between the user's machine and the machine with the license server. The default port used by License Server is 7096.

I can't access a status page or API on port 8080

Please, check there are no other processes using that port on the machine where License Server is being run.

How to install many licenses at once?

You can redirect stdout to the License Server executable, i.e.
"cat licenses.txt | ./KeenToolsLicenseServer install"
"echo 'license1 license2 license3 ...' | ./KeenToolsLicenseServer install"

I've installed a license, but users can't see/use it

The licenses are being read during the startup, so you need to restart the existing License Server process to make newly installed licenses available for users.

Which OS is better for running License Server?

There's no difference if you know how to use the OS of your choice as a server.

Does it work with Virtual Machines?


What is the license lock timeout?

License is locked for up to two minutes after it was used last time.

I'm losing a license on my machine when other machine starts using it

In that case you either need to coordinate your work between two or more machines, or just get more licenses.

How to create a Windows service?

We recommend using Non-Sucking Service Manager, it's free and easy to use.

I get strange errors on Windows (dlls are missing or application is unable to start)

Please try to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package.

When I try to install licenses I see "handshake: certificate verify failed" error

This may happen when root certificates on your OS are obsolete.
To update them on old versions of Windows please follow instructions on this page. Usually launching this command is enough: "CertUtil –generateSSTFromWU Rootstore.sst".
Alternatively, you can activate licenses manually and then place activated license files in the license storage folder of license server.