KeenTools Core Library

Cross-platform photo-based facial reconstruction and texture projection library
with Python, C and C++ bindings
Precise automatic and manual facial geometry reconstruction
based on photos with neutral and non-neutral facial expressions,
known and unknown camera and lens parameters

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Market-proven technology
behind famous FaceBuilder plug-in
used by hundreds of thousands
of 3D and VFX artists every day

Built-in texture extraction and
merging with 5 UV maps
for each of the 3
geometry resolutions

51 built-in ARKit-compatible
FACS blendshapes

Automatic landmark-based
pose detection supporting
facial expressions
and optional manual adjustment
for maximum precision

Use cases


Create character assets at scale,
avatars for Metaverse and AR/VR

Digital Twins

Virtual assistants, video call avatars,
3D printing, immersive experiences

Machine Learning

Data markup, simulations


Plastic and dental surgery simulations


OS: Windows, Linux, macOS (x64 and Apple Silicon). iOS and Android on request.

Complies with CY2019 and CY2020 of VFX Reference Platform

Available as a C++, C and Python library

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