Blendshape nodes for Nuke (beta)

JoinBlendshapes, MixBlendshapes and FACS nodes give you a way to create and animate blendshapes without leaving Nuke. Now, you can create a new geometry out of objects with similar topology and then animate it, without switching to another software. You can also join animated geometries and mix them with different ratios. You can pass geometry with blendshapes to GeoTracker, track it and then animate the blendshapes on the already tracked geometry. And finally, the FACS node creates 51 ARKit-compatible FACS blendshapes for FaceBuilder geometry right in Nuke, so you can animate a FaceBuilder head, or track it with FaceTracker and then adjust expressions using the blendshapes.

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Morph any geometries with the same topology

Use any objects with the same topology to create an object with blendshapes. To animate the blendshapes use the sliders in the preferences pane of the MixBlendshapes node.

Animated geometries

You can mix animated geometries if they have the same topology and then control (and animate) how much each of the animated geometries affect the neutral geometry.

51 ARKit-compatible FACS blendshapes for FaceBuilder & FaceTracker

You can animate the FaceBuilder 3D model with FACS blendshapes. That also means you can adjust or change the expressions of the face tracked with FaceTracker.

Export FACS-based blendshape animation from FaceTracker

The tracked animation of FaceTracker can be converted into animated FACS blendshapes: just use "FACS and MixBlendshapes" option in the Export menu (Results tab). Then you can adjust the animation changing the keyframes in the MixBlendshape node. You can also animate another head with the same blendshapes. And even if it's a completely different 3D-model that has the same blendshapes — in this case use only the MixBlendshapes node and discard the exported FACS node.

Nuke Indie support

KeenTools FaceBuilder is available in Nuke Indie

Good news! Starting with 12.2v4 version of Nuke all our nodes are finally available in Nuke Indie. There are no functional limitations in our nodes compared to the standard Nuke.

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