KeenTools 2021.2 (24 March 2021)

Changes in Nuke package

  • Automatic face alignment in FaceBuilder and FaceTracker
  • Nuke 13 support
  • GPU support in pre-analysis on macOS
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Changes in FaceBuilder for Blender

  • Automatic face alignment
  • Blender 2.93 Alpha support
  • Simplified camera settings, removed camera groups
  • Minor fixes and improvements

We made the first step in raising our products to the new level of smartness with AI!

Precisely, we added face auto-alignment to FaceBuilder (Nuke & Blender) and FaceTracker (still Nuke only). It’s not yet always 100% accurate, so it requires some manual adjustments here and there, but it radically reduces the time of shaping the models. So much, we’ve actually stopped doing this manually in our team and we don’t want to go back! It’s available in Blender and Nuke. In FaceTracker it works only for setting up keyframes, not in tracking — but we’re going to fix that in future releases!

All this goodness comes with support of Nuke 13 and even Blender 2.93 Alpha. Don’t forget that recently our nodes came to Nuke Indie and we added 51 ARKit-compatible FACS blendshapes to FaceBuilder for Blender!

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