KeenTools GeoTracker for After Effects (03 November 2022)

The first 3D object tracker for Adobe After Effects

We’re happy to present to you our newest product — GeoTracker for After Effects. It allows painless, almost real-time 3D object tracking and feels like a decent built-in tool.

True 3D results

Wait, there’s no real 3D in After Effects, right? Yes and no. Tracking with GeoTracker happens as usual — in 2D viewport, but when tracking is done, you get both 2D and 3D transformations as results.

You can apply effects using 3D or 2D coordinates, or pass the track through to Element 3D, Cinema 4D, particle generators and other true-3D plugins for After Effects.

3D models

GeoTracker can load FBX, OBJ and DAE files as 3D models to track, or you can use four customisable built-in primitives: cylinder, sphere, plane and cube.

Focal length estimation

Focal length estimation is included as well, so if you don’t know camera settings or the focal length is changing in the footage, GeoTracker can handle that.

Occlusions and reflections

Those who tried GeoTracker in Nuke know that it deals with occlusions and reflections quite well on its own. For difficult cases, we made it possible to use native After Effects’ 2D masks, so you can exclude confusing areas from tracking.

Open beta

We’re releasing GeoTracker as an open beta now, and it means two things:

  1. It’s completely free until we release a stable version. No registration required — just download, install and have fun!
  2. We crave your feedback, as there’s no other way to make a product serve users in the best possible way. Please don’t hesitate to bombard us with ideas and bug-reports!

Getting started

Please watch these brief tutorials: Basics, Exporting results. For those who like reading more, here’s the written guide. More tutorials are on the way!

We hope you’ll like the experience and all new possibilities that have just become available. We’re always happy to see your works on social media, so please don’t be shy and tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!