KeenTools 2023.2.4 (1 November, 2023)

Changes in GeoTracker for Blender

  • Added colour space selector to video clip input
  • Reorganised buttons in tracking tab
  • Automatic Unbreak Rotation
  • Loads of minor bug fixes and improvements

GeoTracker for Blender 2023.2.4

In the new release of our 3D object tracking Blender add-on, we’ve added another portion of useful things.

First of all, you can now easily change the colour space of your video clip. Check the selector below the clip name in the Inputs. Secondly, Unbreak Rotation now works automatically while tracking to prevent animation from 360 degree jumps. Lastly, we’ve reorganised buttons in the tracking tab for easier navigation, and also made lots of tiny improvements here and there.

More to come soon — stay tuned for the next release!

Have any feedback on this release? Drop us a message anytime to or use this form to report a bug.

GeoTracker for Blender (open beta)

We're introducing our second add-on that brings geometry-based object and camera tracking to your favourite 3D creation suite. Enjoy 3D object and camera alignment and check out our experimental workflow for video-based texturing. And the best part of it, it’s all inside Blender!

Key features

GeoTracker is currently in free beta. We’re on the lookout for engaging use-cases and examples. Share your works and tag us to get into our highlights!

To help you get started quickly, we’ve prepared a written guide and two video tutorials uncovering the basics of tracking and a head tracking use-case in combination with our FaceBuilder. More video guides are on their way!