KeenTools 2024.1.0 (20 March 2024)

FaceBuilder for Blender

  • Revamped UI
  • Rotate head buttons
  • Automatic face detection and mesh alignment for single-image-to-3D workflow
  • One-click texturing
  • Updated help texts and tooltips

GeoTracker for Blender

  • Minor fixes and improvements

Nuke Package

  • Minor fixes and improvements

GeoTracker for After Effects

  • Minor fixes and improvements

FaceBuilder for Blender: revamped UI/UX

It’s time for us to ship the first major release of this year! It’s mainly focused on one product that has changed dramatically. Your favourite FaceBuilder for Blender now has a brand new shiny UI! As part of the optimisation, almost all controls have been regrouped and revised in a way to bring the smoothest experience for you. Not only that means renaming the buttons (we’ve done that too, though) but reviewing the whole facebuilding workflow.

From now on, all mesh alignment controls are in one place enhanced with the new rotate head buttons. Face detection and mesh alignment are automatic for the single-image-to-3D workflow. Creating texture from blended views requires just one click.

As ever, FaceBuilder lets you capture face identity even from photos with non-neutral facial expressions by using the Allow facial expression option.

We’ve also prepared new educational materials to help you quickly start sculpting 3D heads even from a single image, and learn how to create photorealistic 3D portraits using a set of photos. Check out our new detailed written guide and (yes, finally!) an official FaceBuilder for Blender video tutorial.

We’re always happy to hear your feedback. So don’t hesitate to message us!