KeenTools 2.1.1 (1 Oct 2020)

Changes in Nuke plugins

  • Improved rigidity settings in FaceBuilder and FaceTracker
  • Different rigidity levels for shape and facial expression
  • Experimental facial texture reconstruction in TextureBuilder
  • Viewport centering improved, now it works during tracking
  • Minor performance improvements

Changes in FaceBuilder for Blender

  • Improved rigidity settings
  • Different rigidity levels for shape and facial expression
  • Experimental facial texture reconstruction
  • Added model scale slider
  • Minor fixes and performance improvements

In our new 2.1.1 release we have improved rigidity settings for FaceBuilder and FaceTracker, both in Nuke and Blender, so now you can choose between different values for the head shape and facial expressions. The whole logic of using rigidity is now different, it’s always automatic but you can choose how much of rigidity you want, where ‘0’ is no rigidity at all, ‘1’ is unaffected automatic rigidity, and then you can multiply the auto-rigidity pushing the value to the maximum. Default values are ‘1’ for the shape and ‘2’ for facial expressions, with these values the facebuilding experience should be much better, especially if you’re using non-neutral facial expressions of course. :) Just try it to feel the difference!

Both Blender and Nuke plugins got a new very experimental facial texture filling feature. It helps when you have for example just one ¾ view. Keep in mind it’s not something we’re really proud of at the moment, but if you want to try something new and would be so kind to provide us some feedback on it, we’d be happy to know about your experience! Actually, getting feedback and ideas is why we decided not to keep it hidden.

Our Nuke users are getting revamped viewport centering, now it works during tracking — imagine that! Okay, just kidding. But it actually works during tracking now — and it helps a lot!

Here we come to the very important news for our Nuke users. In our pursuit to create better products with maximum effectiveness we decided to stop the development for old Nuke versions, so the new features in our plugins will only appear in Nuke 11+. We will continue supporting our plugins for Nuke 8, 9 and 10 in terms of fixing bugs of course. The reason behind this decision is simple: we want to use cool new technologies that don’t work in old Nukes, and it’s a shame not to use them since they make coding easier, products better, and the number of murdered kittens decreases radically.

Right, that’s all for today. Stay tuned for upcoming updates, we’re preparing something outstanding for our next release!