KeenTools 2022.3.0 (20 December 2022)

Changes in GeoTracker for After Effects

  • Stable version
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Changes in Nuke package

  • Added support for Nuke 14 (classic 3D nodes)
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Changes in FaceBuilder for Blender

  • Added adaptive opacity
  • Minor fixes and improvements

GeoTracker for After Effects out of beta

This September we released the first beta of our GeoTracker which was the first and still is the only 3D object tracker for After Effects. We’re extremely grateful to you for the invaluable feedback we’ve been receiving from you all this time.

This led to 5 free beta versions in total, each gradually improving the plug-in: we’ve added tracking smoothing settings, ExtendScript support, and fixed many minor issues. GeoTracker now works even in the latest After Effects 23.2 Beta which, by the way, now has a proper built-in 3D space and native support for 3D objects!

Today we release a stable version of GeoTracker, which means it becomes a paid tool with a 15-day trial period for everyone regardless whether they’ve already tried Beta or not. Our subscriptions are cross-platform, so if yours is an active one for GeoTracker for Foundry Nuke, it will work in After Effects too. Please, find the pricing for annual and monthly plans on our Buying page.

As early adopters, you can subscribe to annual plans with discounts for the first year up until March 16 using the promo codes below:

— Freelancer Annual: FREELANCER-AE for $179 $149 (excl. VAT)
— Studio Annual: STUDIO-AE for $499 $399 (excl. VAT)

For a quick start, please check our tracking basics and export options tutorials. A detailed written guide is also there! Additionally, we’ve prepared two more videos on the two long-awaited integrations: Cinema 4D and Element 3D.

Support for Nuke 14

Recently, Foundry upgraded their 3D system with the release of Nuke 14. In our 2022.3 update, we’ve made our tools compatible with the latest Nuke. So far, they work only as classic 3D nodes, but we plan to upgrade them in the near future. Stay tuned!

Licensing updates

Lately, at KeenTools we’ve upgraded our licensing by bringing out proper subscriptions that require no manual update, along with the new plans including monthly options for individuals. Please read the full announcement.

Current update includes better support for new subscription keys. It’s important to upgrade to 2022.3.0 to make all features work properly. Still, old versions will be working fine in most cases, so if it's crucial for you not to update our plug-ins now, you have some time.

As always, we’re hungry for your feedback, so don’t hesitate to send your messages!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!