Updated licensing

New subscription types, increase in prices, proper annual and monthly plans

Today at KeenTools we’re updating our licensing — simplifying types, clarifying names and adding a monthly option for individual users. We’re finally fixing the way our subscriptions work — they require no manual update every year any more.


New licensing

From now on, two subscription types are available for each of our products:

For individuals only, allows commercial usage. Products under this subscription type can be used on a single machine (node-locked), there are annual and monthly options.

Standard choice for companies. This type gives you floating subscription keys that can be shared across an unlimited number of machines using an instance of our license server running in your network: one key for one computer at a time. It can be used as node-locked too.

All old licenses remain active until expiration dates.

Please note that we’re going away from ‘Commercial’ licenses (node-locked) because they weren’t popular and often led to confusion. However, we’ll keep supporting all current users of ‘Commercial’ licenses. In a short while, they will receive an email from us with a special offer to switch to Studio with a discount price for the first year of the subscription equal to the previous annual ‘Commercial’ price.

When purchasing the ‘FaceBuilder + FaceTracker’ bundle, you’ll receive a single subscription key for both products. After the key is activated, both plug-ins installed on one machine will be able to use the key. These products can’t be used on different computers at the same time using one FaceBundle key. That also applies to the floating license server.

New pricing

For 7 years since the foundation of KeenTools, we’ve kept our prices intact. It’s been our major concern to postpone the increase for as long as we could. We understand that this is always an unpopular measure, but we have to make this difficult step now to support and improve our current products and, more importantly, work on the new releases.

The new prices are listed on our Buying page.

The offer that was valid until March 16, 2003

For all users we offer a 3-month period until March 16, during which you can subscribe to any of our annual plans for the old prices for the first year of your new subscription. Use these coupons:


We will be reaching out to all our customers over the next few weeks with this update.

Important! If your current license ends in more than 3 months and you would like to renew it for the next year under the previous conditions, we can solve it if you contact us at team+prorate@keentools.io. Please provide the following details:

  • License type
  • Order ID
  • Email address you used for the purchase

Example: your current ‘Personal’ FaceBuilder license ends on July 25, and you want to update to the new subscription on December 25. That means you still have 7 months of active subscription.

We’ll take the price of the old ‘Personal’ annual subscription, subtract the part reflecting your remaining 7 months from it, and this will be the price of your new FaceBuilder Freelancer annual plan for the first year. You’ll be provided with a personal discount coupon, your old licenses will be terminated afterwards.The offer is valid until March 16, 2023.

Proper subscriptions

Apart from changing names and types, we finally get to proper subscriptions. Now you don’t need to re-purchase and re-install new license keys every year. Once you start your subscription, it’ll be valid until you decide to cancel it. No reactivation or any other actions needed on your side. All users can now manage all their subscriptions on our User Portal, which also allows downloading offline keys for machines not connected to the Internet.

Monthly subscriptions for individuals

Following multiple requests from our individual users, we’re introducing a new monthly subscription option for all of our products. Find the prices on our Buying page.

Steps to take

Simply subscribe now

The steps that made sense until March 16, 2003

You haven’t purchased our licenses before, or they are expired → simply subscribe now

You have an active license:

  • Your licenses expire before March 16 → wait until they expire and subscribe to a new plan using an old price coupon from above
  • You have licenses expiring after March 16 → let us know to update them at old pricing via team+prorate@keentools.io. This offer is valid until March 16.

In any case, we’re always there to answer any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Thank you for your support,
KeenTools Team