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FaceBuilder add-on for Blender can help with building 3D models of human faces and heads using a couple of photographs. With FaceBuilder you don't need to be an experienced 3D modeller to create a quality 3D model with clean topology.

Automatic camera setup, format detection & estimation

FaceBuilder will read the information stored in your photos and use it to set up virtual cameras automatically. You can still set it up manually if the data is not stored in photos but you know it. More than that, now you can use photos of any dimensions together!

Facial expressions support

If you’re after the ultimate quality and preciseness — you need photos with neutral facial expression, but no worries if you can’t get them — now FaceBuilder supports facial expressions of FaceTracker, thus you can still get decent results even with non-neutral photos!

AI-powered automatic face alignment

You don't need to manually pin faces anymore! At least, not from the scratch. Our face alignment is not yet always 100% accurate, so it requires some manual adjustments sometimes, but it radically reduces the time of shaping the models. So much, we’ve actually stopped doing this manually in our team while testing and we don’t want to go back!

Create MetaHumans from photos

You can use FaceBuilder as the first step in creating a MetaHuman from photos. We've also included a UV-layout compatible with MetaHuman so you can transfer skin features along with the shape. Please read the guide or watch the stream to learn more!

Character Creator 4 Integration

Quickly make look-alike ready-to-use 3D characters from photos with the powerful integration of FaceBuilder for Blender, Character Creator 4 and Headshot 2. Export FaceBuilder head to CC4 with just one click. Find out more here.

Import facial animation from Epic Games' Live Link Face app

Manual facial animation can take too much time, so we added support for Epic Games' Live Link Face iOS app — record the expression using your iPhone or iPad with the TrueDepth camera and export a CSV file! More than that, you can use recordings of anyone's face with anyone's model built with FaceBuilder!
If you're a Nuke user, you can export facial animation tracked with our FaceTracker and import it in Blender.

Animate faces manually with 51 built-in FACS blendshapes

The model of FaceBuilder has 51 built-in ARKit-compatible FACS blendshapes available for manual animation. You can also export the head with all its blendshapes and animate them in any other 3D-software.

Three built-in topologies

Whether you need a hi-poly model to shape as many facial features as possible, or a low-poly model to integrate it into some real-time workflows, we've got you covered! FaceBuilder has built-in low-poly, mid-poly and high-poly topologies that you can switch on the fly!

Neck ready to be attached to a body

Having a head is good, but what about body? Not a problem! We refined the neck so you can easily attach the head to a model of a body!

Ready to be used in Unreal Engine and Unity

With a body or without it, animated or static, with blendshapes or just the geometry — everything FaceBuilder produces can be easily transferred to Unreal Engine and Unity as an FBX-file!

Total diversity

Our evergrowing statistical model already has data for humans of widest age range from most places on Earth, so you shouldn’t face any problems modelling people from any part of the world!

Works even with a single photo

The more photos you have, the better quality you can get. But sometimes all you have is just one photo or a frame from a footage and you still need to get your job done. So, we’ve got you covered — you’ll be surprised where just one image can get you!

Configurable model

You can switch on and off different parts of the 3D model customising it to your needs. The shape is not being affected, so if you decide to switch something back when the model is ready — it won’t break anything!

Choose a FaceBuilder plan

Freelancer Monthly

— A node-locked plan that can be used only on the machine where it was activated

— Can be purchased by an individual only, can be used for commercial work


Charged monthly

Freelancer Annual

— A node-locked plan that can be used only on the machine where it was activated

— Can be purchased by an individual only, can be used for commercial work


Pay $179 annually — save $37/year

Studio Annual

— A plan that can be shared by unlimited number of machines: one key for one machine at a time

— Works with License Server

— Can be purchased by a company or an individual


$499 charged annually

For enterprise pricing, please get in touch!

Freelancer Monthly and Freelancer Annual plans are not intended for companies. If purchased by a company, the subscription will be consequently cancelled. If you need help with choosing your plan, please contact our support.

All subscriptions can be used for commercial work.

All results of your work with our products belong to you.

System Requirements

— Official 64bit version of Blender (2.80 and newer) downloaded from Blender.org

— A decent GPU that can handle 3D mode in Blender

— 64bit version of Windows, Linux or macOS

Help resources

The comprehensive written guide can be found on our Medium page.

Video-tutorials in many languages can be found on YouTube, we can recommend this one.

The official installation video-tutorial is here.

For assets and project examples you can visit our examples page.

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