Licensing FAQ

What is the difference between Floating and Commercial license?

Only floating licenses can be used with a License Server to be shared between multiple machines, while commercial licenses can be installed only on one machine (i.e. they're node-locked).

How to activate a license on a machine without Internet access? Is internet access required to use your plugins?

Internet connection is not required. You can generate a license file on a machine connected to the Internet and install the license file on the machine with our plugins. Get the Hardware ID of the machine where you want to use plugins to activate a license in order to generate a valid license file.

What is your licensing model?

Each license is valid for one year starting from the date of its installation.
Currently we have three non-free nodes: GeoTracker, FaceBuilder and FaceTracker. You can buy personal, commercial or floating licenses for them. All other nodes are free and require no license.

Can I use the work that was done before without a license?

Yes! The license is needed only to make changes. Your work doesn't disappear when your license expires, you can still use the results. What you lose is the ability to make changes.

Can my teammates use the results of my work without a license?

Yes! They can, since the license is required only to make changes.

What is the difference between commercial (floating) and personal licenses?

Personal license can only be purchased by an individual and used by a single person.

Can I use my personal license for commercial work?

Yes, you can use your personal license for commercial work.

Can I use your plugins with Non-Commercial version of Nuke?

No. Non-Commercial Nuke doesn't support any plugins.

Is a personal license limited in features compared to a commercial or floating license?

No, personal license allows you to use the full set of node features.

Can a company purchase a personal license?

No, a personal license can only be purchased by an individual.

Can a company reimburse my personal license purchase?

No, and our EULAs explicitly prohibit the reimbursement of personal licenses by companies.

Can I use my personal license at work and at home?

Yes, you are free to use your personal license for any purpose.

Can I use my personal license on multiple machines?

No, you can’t use the same license simultaneously on multiple machines. But you may transfer the license from one machine to another on several occasions.

Can multiple employees use the same commercial license?

Concurrent usage is not allowed by commercial licenses. This mean that two users cannot use one license at the same time.

However, it is possible for two users to share a license if they do not work simultaneously. In case two or more users work simultaneously each active user must have their own license.

We have 10 compositors. How many commercial licenses do we need?

Each active user must have their own license. In other words, if all 10 compositors need to run our software at the same time, you need 10 commercial licenses. See the question above for additional clarification.

How to get educational purpose classroom licenses for students?

If you're a representative of a school, please drop us a message at edu@keentools.io to get free licenses for educational purposes or a discount. If you're a student, please ask a representative of your school to contact us.

What payment methods do you accept?

You may pay using PayPal or a card.

How do you deliver licenses?

We deliver licenses by email.

I’ve completed my purchase and received the confirmation. When will I get my license?

Your license will be delivered in a few minutes.

I did not receive a license purchased online. Where is my license?

If you didn’t receive the purchased license in a few hours after the purchase, please get in touch.

What is license key and how does it differ from license file?

Using a license key you install a license for a node. License file describes a license locked to a node.

Do you have monthly subscription options?

No. At the moment we only have one year licenses.

How do I use floating license?

To use floating license you should install license server, install floating license on it and connect to the server from the node.
License server download contains step by step guide on how to use floating licenses.

How many licenses should I have if I use multiple KeenTools installations for different Nuke versions on a single machine?

You only need one license to use one node type (e.g. GeoTracker) from any KeenTools installation on a single machine.